De Jong's output is enormous. No other word can describe the unbelievable number of sculptures leaving his studio in a stream never letting up, and each creation made with love for his materials and subjects. He believes art is a form of communication on levels natural and empathic, therefore one of the major demands of himself is to create works which can easily integrate with natural environments. As a few pictures readily show, this seeking of integration with nature lends an extra emotional communication and allows the viewer to identify with feelings human and basic inherent in every sculpture.
height 1.5 meter
height 1.7 meter
Eagle - year 2004
Resting - year 2002
Shopping - year 2002
height 1.2 meter
height 1.3 meter
private collection
Zoobird - year 2004
Father Damian - year 2004
Tufaman - year 2000