Joop de Jong creates dynamic art, using mainly scrapmetal to bring life to his amazing pieces, each one uniqe. His style is inimitable and very much characterized by his ability to insert a " soul " into iron and steel. Currently he has two permanent exhibitions, one on top of the Bental Mountain on the Golan Heights and the other one throughout kibutz Merom Golan.
height 0.5 meter
height 1 meter
height 0.4 meter
To Fly - year 2003
The Cup is Full - year 2002
Ant - year 2000
height 0.4 meter
height 1.6 meter
height 0.9 meter
Strength - year 2003
Fun - year 2001
Gardener - year 2004
height 2.2 meter
height 1.2 meter
private collection
Master Stickleg
Bird of Prey - year 2004
Bow - year 2000